Steve Brown is an energetic speaker, author, strategist, and advisor with over 30 years of experience in high tech. He is the former futurist and chief evangelist at Intel Corporation.

Speaking at events all over the world, Steve helps his audiences to understand the business and societal impacts of new technologies and how they will shape the future five, ten, and fifteen years from now.

Steve is passionate about helping people to imagine and build a better future. Whether talking about the future of work in a post-automation world, doing a deep dive on artificial intelligence, or discussing the future of flying cars, Steve inspires his audiences to think beyond the current status quo and to reimagine their businesses, and their lives, for the better.

Steve speaks and writes in plain language on how continued advances in computing will intersect business, cultural and human trends to create both new opportunities and new challenges. Steve has been featured on BBC, CNN, Bloomberg TV, ABC News, Wired, WSJ:Digits, CBS, and many other media outlets.

Steve works with a broad spectrum of companies from small non-profits to Fortune 100s, spanning almost every industrial sector, including manufacturing, transportation, retail, hospitality, government, education, healthcare, agriculture, media and entertainment.

Steve holds Bachelor of Science and Master of Engineering degrees in Micro-Electronic Systems Engineering from Manchester University. He was born in the U.K. and became a U.S. citizen in 2008. He lives with his wife in Portland, Oregon.



“Steve has the unique ability to turn data and facts into real insights that inspire and provide a framework for innovative thinking. Steve is also an amazing speaker and storyteller that can captivate and motivate an audience of 5 or 500.”

— Jamie Gutfreund, CMO, Wunderman


“Your insights were incredible! We really appreciated your participation and your valuable time. Thank you.”

— Andrew Hahn, Vice President, The Futures Company


“Thank you for your contribution to the 2018 Eleventh Circuit Judicial Conference. If you haven’t already heard, your presentation was a smash hit! Without exception everyone found it fascinating (even if also frightening :) ). I hope our paths cross again in the future. It’s been a pleasure.” 

- M. Casey Rodgers, Chief Judge, United States District Court, North District of Florida


“I first met Steve at a CEO event where he was sharing a futurist’s view of technology and how it will shape our world. I was captivated, and have engaged Steve on behalf of the industry I serve and have used his provocation and insights to guide my company. He is an excellent speaker who provokes people with insights, challenges and non-linear thinking. 
Steve is not all “starry-eyed” with technology; he is very pragmatic and quick to point out the disruptions technology can bring and will challenge conventional wisdom and group think. It is comforting to know there are minds like his taking a hard look at how technology will affect companies, institutions and people.”

— Jeff Gaus, CEO, Prolifiq Software


“Your investment in our team is amazing! We are so appreciative of you and your passion to help us think BIG! You have inspired me in more ways that you can imagine.”

— Tony Bridwell, Chief People Office, Brinker International


“Steve was able to synthesize a great deal of relevant information about the future of technology into a stimulating, engaging, and focused discussion of the implications of these changes for all of us. In the particular context Steve raised cogent questions and I found his presentation to be enjoyable and provocative all at the same time.”

— Dr Michael Siegel, The Federal Judiciary Center


“What a treasure! In our collection of PYNKrs (people you need to know), Steve shines bright as a leader eager to inspire and shape a better future, using his deep category insight to translate the impact of shifts ahead. IoT, wearables, 3D printing and bio-tech just to name a few. All are advancing radically change every aspect of how we shop, learn, play, and work. Steve is the guide who helps make the next steps clear—and the opportunities ahead more tangible—for all C-suite teams. We are always grateful to partner with him on our work to accelerate positive change and transform organizations and industries for greater relevance and societal benefit. He gets it.”

— Nancy Giordano, CEO, Play Big Inc.


"Steve Brown’s lively presentation engaged our tech leaders and challenged us to answer questions about our future strategies."

- Utah Education and Telehealth Network


"I own a small skin care business and worked with Steve to help shape and craft my clear and compelling story. I learned through Steve that people want a connection with a business owner beyond their products and services. As consumers, we want to connect with a company’s passion, values, mission as well as a great product or service. Steve helped me share something very personal as a business owner in an authentic and inspiring way to connect with my core customers. He was a lot of fun to work with through this very revealing process. He is fantastic with the mega-big companies and also the not -yet - mega-big companies. Thanks so much for your guidance, Steve!"

— Gretchen Asher, Owner, BeFab Skin Care


"We are honored that you were able to ‘wow’ the students at YEBW 2017 at the University of Portland. Thank you for all the insight and imagination you bring to this program; Our students are ever-inspired by your talks!”

— Kyle Kavas, Program Manager, Young Entrepreneurs Business Week


“Thanks so much for the wonderful presentation last week at the OBC meeting. You definitely sparked a great deal of interest among my directors. I hope we can gather soon to think about how to spread your message to Oregon. We need to to take advantage of this extraordinary opportunity."

— Duncan Wyse, President, Oregon Business Council

"Steve was a terrific presenter for our Annual Summit, with nearly 3,000 attendees. His keynote was dynamic, insightful, and he was able to utilize his expertise to draw meaningful and relevant connections to our core messaging and a very specific audience."

— Dirk Van Slyke, Open Compute Project Foundation, Marketing & Communications Director

"Steve is a very engaging speaker. He knows his topics and has that amazing skill to sweep the audience off their feet. He made the crowd laugh, but also think deeply about the future of IoT and how it will impact our lives, businesses and environment. If you are looking for an engaging, polished, interesting and out of the box speaker, I would recommend Steve."

— Maria Relaki, Portfolio Director, we.CONECT Events


"At a recent talk in Portland, Oregon, Steve Brown demonstrated his mastery at showing how things happening in today's world will change life and work in the coming decade. An extremely charismatic and energetic speaker, Steve has an excellent command of the subject matter and the ability to build a strong rapport with his audience."

— Pradeep Kumar, President, Portland Society for Information Management

“Social and technical prognosticators are often too far over the time horizon to be of any meaningful use.  Steve Brown excels at connecting the concepts that will be important to us tomorrow back to the business decisions we need to make today.”

— Chad Layman, CEO, Marquam Group


In the News

Steve Brown is regularly sought out by the media to provide insight and analysis on a range of topics related to "what's next". As a globally recognized expert on the future of computing, and perhaps more importantly on the likely impact of computing on the future of other business sectors, Steve has been featured on a wide range of media outlets including the ones below:



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Steve talks about healthcare breakthroughs possible with smart sensors.



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Steve reviews new Intel products live from the Intel Developer Forum.



Wearable Tech: Why Intel thinks we should own our data

Steve argues consumers should demand ownership of their personal data.

Career Profile

Steve Brown has a wide range of business experience spanning sales, manufacturing, strategic visioning, events planning, marketing and HR.