"I have seen the future. Steve Brown showed it to me, and it is good" - Jeff Gaus, CEO, Prolifiq

Steve Brown is a world-renowned keynote speaker, author, strategist and executive coach. He helps companies understand what technology and business innovation will make possible in the coming decade and how that will transform their markets, their business, and what their customers will want.

No matter which industry sector you work in---transportation, healthcare, retail, entertainment, media, hospitality, agriculture, construction, or manufacturing---Steve can help you understand the important trends that will shape the future of your business.

In plain language, Steve will explain the next wave of digital transformation that will result from rapid advances in artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things, robotics, deep learning, autonomous vehicles, blockchain technology, machine vision, conversational computing, augmented reality, 5G networking, 3D printing, and more. We are currently living at the height of the mobile era. Every company needs to understand how to prepare for the post-mobile era.

We should all expect more disruption from technology in the next decade than we have experienced in the last 50 years

Why Steve Brown?

There are quite a number of futurists out there. Some of the crustier ones will drone on about the impending water crisis, population curves, and urbanization. Important stuff, but please, tell us something new.

Other futurists focus almost exclusively on technology, which only tells part of the story. Steve Brown brings you the full picture, in vivid technicolor---technology trends, business trends, and most importantly human trends---all woven together to reveal a true picture of what the future will make possible for you and your business.

The whole picture, synthesized for easy consumption

Technology, social attitudes, and business models are evolving at dizzying rates. Rapid change is everywhere you look. From Artificial Intelligence and Autonomous Machines to the rise of Generation Z and breakthroughs in Synthetic Biology, the world is changing faster than ever.

Most companies are struggling to understand their role in this rapidly shifting landscape. How do they remain relevant with consumers? How can they develop new revenue streams? How can they connect with new customers in new ways? How do they stay ahead of the competition that they find nipping at their heels? 

Steve Brown's passion is to understand the many factors that will shape the future and reduce that complexity to a clear, relevant, and easy-to-understand vision for what will soon be possible.

An experienced, respected, and entertaining speaker

As a world-renowned speaker, writer, and executive coach, Steve has always been fascinated by what's next, how that will create new value, and what will disrupt the status quo.

In his former role as Intel's Chief Evangelist and Futurist, Steve shared his insights at events like TED, C2-MTL, and the CTO Forum, consulted with many Fortune 500 companies, and was regularly featured in the media (BBC, CNN, Bloomberg and many more).

As an independent futurist, Steve now talks at a wide range of both public and private events on how technology, business, and social trends will shape the future. Please check out his recent talks at the Open Compute Summit, and New Relic's FutureTalk.


For companies seeking a more in-depth engagement, Steve provides a range of additional consulting services. One of Steve's most popular offerings are one- or two-day Futurecasting workshops designed to help companies explore and design their future. Futurecasting workshops provide a powerful framework that allows you to harness your top creative, business, technical, and marketing talent and bring them together to build a corporate strategy for long-term success.


Please explore this website to find out more about Steve Brown, what he offers, and how he can help your business to plan, focus, and grow.

Whether you need an inspiring keynote speaker, a futurecasting workshop, a consultant on future trends and strategy, or even communications coaching for your leadership team, Steve is an experienced resource that can help. And he will work really hard to make sure you look like a genius for hiring him.

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