Presentation Skills

Whether formally or informally, we all find ourselves needing to present our ideas to others. Presentation skills are vital business and life skills for everyone. A great presentation can be what sits between you and the acceptance of your idea, the resources you're asking for, or that promotion that you really, really want.

This workshop is designed for teams or individuals who want to improve their ability to influence an audience. Workshop attendees will learn how to plan, prepare for, and deliver great presentations that lead audiences to take action. It is a great companion class to our Executive Storytelling workshop.

Steve Brown has a quarter century of experience in communications. As an Intel executive, an Intel spokesperson, Intel's Chief Evangelist and then Intel's Futurist, Steve gained broad experience communicating complex ideas in ways that connect with and inspire his audiences. Steve has broad experience communicating with a wide variety of audiences, from CEOs, to school kids, to the press. He has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, Wired, Slate, and many other news outlets.

Steve has been a leadership communications coach for over a decade. He helps leaders to hone their communications skills and make emotional connections with audiences. Whether you are a nervous presenter or a confident impresario, Steve Brown can help you increase your impact and improve your presentation skills.  

These half-day of full-day workshops are high-energy, interactive, and are designed to make learning as fun as possible. No matter what your existing level of proficiency these workshops will help you to present more confidently and to gain improved results from your interactions with any audience.

This intensive workshop blends classroom-style training on key concepts with interactive sessions. Attendees work with the tutor to build a presentation they are currently working on. This allows attendees to immediately practice their new skills, solidify them in memory, and have instant impact on their workflow.

Workshop content includes:

  • How to plan presentations and why you should never start in PowerPoint
  • Planning tools to organize your ideas and maximize your impact
  • How to structure your narrative
  • Choreographing variety to maintain attention levels
  • Starting strong: How to grab attention
  • Techniques to keep your audiences engaged
  • Rehearsal techniques and tips
  • Understanding and respecting your audience
  • Delivery tips and tricks: Gestures, body, and voice
  • Making friends with the microphone
  • How to handle demos and host guest speakers
  • Techniques for deftly handling Q&A
  • Tips for the nervous presenter
  • How to delight your audience
  • Delivering presentations that drive action
  • How to finish unforgettably 

Workshops are designed for teams, individuals, and even large audiences. So whether you need training for one person, or one thousand people, these workshops are a great fit.

For more information about our leadership communications workshops, please contact Steve.