As a companion to his keynotes on how computing will change the future, Steve offers bespoke consulting services and workshops that help companies understand, explore and take full advantage of the opportunities coming from continued technological, social, and business model change.

Computing has changed the landscape of most industry sectors in the last quarter century: Education, enterprise, healthcare, transportation and entertainment have all been transformed as a result of the power of Moore's Law.

Every sector should expect more disruption in the next decade than they have experienced in the last 25 years. In some cases perhaps more than the last 50 years.

Against the backdrop of such a fast-moving landscape, companies need a trusted advisor to help them assess opportunities, make informed investment decisions, and understand the risks of under-investing in new technologies or new markets.

Every organization needs to understand the impact on their business of The Internet of Things, Deep Learning, Natural Interfaces, Analytics, Mixed Reality, chatbots, Autonomous Machines, 3D Printing, and more.

Please contact Steve if you like his help to understand how computing will reshape the future of your particular sector. He can work with you to help you formulate plans to create opportunity and capture value in the new landscape.