Media coaching

Most leaders will at some time need to interact with the media. For some leaders this interaction can be a regular event. Navigating this potential minefield is one of the more important roles today's leaders face.

We offer bespoke media training for leaders who need to polish and improve their communication skills when interacting with TV, online, or print media. Coaching is available both for intact leadership teams and also on a one-on-one personal basis for individual leaders.

Steve Brown has a quarter century of experience in communications. As an Intel executive, an Intel spokesperson, Intel's Chief Evangelist and then Intel's Futurist, Steve gained broad experience communicating complex ideas in ways that connect with and inspire his audiences. Steve has broad experience communicating with a wide variety of audiences, from CEOs, to school kids, to the press. He has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, Wired, Slate, ABC News, The Street, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, and many other news outlets.

Whether you need assistance improving your phone interview technique, your on-camera skills, or just need general media training, Steve can help.

We will build the right set of media training that you need. Example skills training components include:

  • Looking good, sounding smart: On-camera skills training
  • Bridging: Answer the question you wanted to answer, not the question you were asked
  • Storytelling for the media: How to craft the perfect sound bite

IF YOU'RE INTERESTED TO HAVE STEVE deliver media coaching to your team, CONTACT HIM NOW.