Futurecasting workshops

If your organization feels tired and out of ideas, futurecasting may be what you need to re-energize your strategic planning and rally the troops around exciting new projects that will create new value and delight customers in new ways.

Futurecasting is a well-established approach used to model the future and to help organizations make decisions about the investments needed to capture value and drive innovation in the next decade.

Predicting the future is rarely a useful exercise, and prediction is not really what futurecasting is about. What futurecasting does is to help organizations understand what will be possible in the timeframe in question, and then helps them to make plans that take best advantage of the opportunity and possibility ahead.

Through the use of expert testimony, team synthesis, some science fiction prototyping, and a process known as backcasting, workshop teams will learn how to model the future, explore that future in search of both opportunity and risk, and then formulate plans that take advantage of what's next.

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