EXECUTIVE storytelling

As Simon Sinek once famously said, "Leaders only need one thing. Followers". History has shown that people consistently follow the best storytellers.

Storytelling is one of the most powerful leadership skills your team can develop.

In a competitive market, making your messages and ideas memorable is key to success. Powerful storytelling makes your messages sticky, helps your ideas to go viral, and persuades your audiences to take action.

This workshop is designed for business leaders who want to add the powerful skill of storytelling to their communications toolbox. Workshop attendees will learn how to engage audiences, gain emotional buy-in, and inspire teams by telling compelling stories.

Steve Brown has a quarter century of experience in communications. As an Intel executive, an Intel spokesperson, Intel's Chief Evangelist and then Intel's Futurist, Steve gained broad experience communicating complex ideas in ways that connect with and inspire his audiences. Steve has broad experience communicating with a wide variety of audiences, from CEOs, to school kids, to the press. He has been interviewed by the BBC, CNN, Wired, Slate, and many other news outlets.

Steve has provided leadership communications coaching for over a decade. He helps leaders to hone their communications skills and make an emotional connection with audiences. Whether you are a nervous presenter or a confident impresario, Steve Brown can help you increase your impact and improve your storytelling skills.  

Storytelling is a vital influencing skill for the modern business person. In this workshop, you will learn how storytelling works on the human brain, how to structure and tell a great story, and finally how to make your messages so memorable and compelling that your audience is inspired to take action.

This half-day interactive workshop is high-energy, fast-paced, and teaches business leaders how to improve their storytelling abilities. No matter what your existing storytelling proficiency this workshop will help you to improve your storytelling skills.

Workshop content includes:

  • The impact of storytelling on the brain
  • How good storytelling affects memory
  • Using stories to gain emotional buy-in
  • How to engage the five senses through storytelling
  • Story structures
  • The value of drama, dialog, and details
  • How to maintain audience attention
  • Making your ideas memorable and repeatable
  • Using stories strategically in your communications
  • Constructing a narrative
  • Storytelling tricks and tips
  • Where to find valuable, impactful stories

The workshop is designed for teams, individuals, and even large audiences. So whether you need training for one person or one thousand people, this workshop is a great fit.

For more information, please contact Steve and find out about our customized leadership communications training workshops.