Some organizations need a little extra help determining or refocusing their corporate purpose that goes beyond the guidance already provided in Steve's training sessions on vision, mission and purpose

For such organizations, Steve offers bespoke consulting services where he works alongside the leadership team and facilitates a discussion to lead them through the process of building their vision, mission, and purpose statements. There is strong evidence that companies with clearly stated purpose statements outperform companies without such statements.

Some companies have never had a statement of purpose. Others have one but find that their original statement of purpose no longer serves them. Times have changed, markets have morphed, and sometimes a fresh or refocused purpose statement can set an organization back on the path to success.

Unfortunately, purpose, mission, and vision statements are universally poorly done! This is even true for quite a number of major Fortune 500 companies. Many are created by committee, are unintelligible, or just don't resonate with their most important audiences--employees and customers.

A clear purpose statement and associated mission and vision statements can help to motivate employees, focus their efforts, and boost corporate results. Customers respond positively to organizations with a clear sense of purpose. In fact, the two billion Millennials on the planet are drawn towards organizations that have a clearly stated humanistic purpose. As author and speaker Simon Sinek famously says, "people don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it." Put another way, if people buy into your purpose, they are much more likely to buy your products and services. 

Please contact Steve if you need his help to develop or refresh your organization's purpose statement. He will also help you craft powerfuL vision and mission statements designed to bring your purpose to life, and engage employees, customers, and shareholders.