Follow-up: Video of 100-year old Lyle Becker trying VR for the first time

I recently had the distinct pleasure of being in the room when my friend, Lyle Becker, first got to try out VR. I wrote about the experience in a recent post. Just think about the incredible technological change that Lyle has seen in his 100 years on the planet.

Video is often able to tell a story even better than you can with words and photographs. A couple of my old buddies in Intel's internal communications team were there with Lyle to capture the moment. They put together a really nice video (Running time 1:48) that shows Lyle adventure into virtual reality. You can spot me lurking in the background in a few scenes, wearing a blue, short-sleeved shirt.

If you want to feel good about something today, this video is worth a couple of minutes of your time. It was also picked up by Venture Beat where Dean Takahashi wrote a short piece and shared the video.


Kudos: The video was made by a couple of my awesome former coworkers, producer, Rob Kelton, and videographer/editor, Tim Herman. They did a great job capturing the moment for posterity! Well done, gents!