Welcome to The Bald Futurist

So, I've finally taken the leap. It was time.

I have been musing and writing about the future for many years. For years now, friends have been encouraging me to set up my own blog and start to share some of these stories, thoughts, and any insights that might hit me in the shower.

Over the coming weeks I plan to post as regularly as I can and offer up things that interest me, and hopefully will interest others. My particular areas of passion are: a) the future and what's next, b) thinking about humanistic purpose and helping companies to find and articulate their purpose, and c) communications...that includes everything from public speaking, to storytelling, video production, emceeing and more. I'll try and offer leadership communication tips here on this blog if people find that of interest. 

I think that's enough for entry number one. Here we go....

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