A futurist’s reflections on CES 2019

I’ve been to many Consumer Electronics Shows over the years. I’ve done booth duty, I’ve spoken on panel sessions, and of course I’ve walked the halls. This year, after I’d spoken at a couple of future-focused panels, I took 4-5 hours to roam with the nerd herd and see as much of the latest CES tech as I could.

There was a lot of rubbish. But that’s always the case at every CES.

As a futurist scanning the floor of CES, I’m looking for the signals amongst the significant amount of noise. These signals point us toward the longer-term directions of the industry and illustrate which ideas are sticking and finding support, and which are floundering. This report is about those signals, and what they mean for the future.

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Steve Brown Comments
The future of photography

Artificial intelligence is about to change the way that you take photographs. A few years from now, it'll be harder and harder to take a bad photo because our cameras will be getting help from artificial intelligence (AI). AI will help our cameras to take better images in low light, to fix focusing issues after the fact, to make any video slow motion, and even to improve the resolution of photos. Artificial intelligence will make it much easier to take a high-quality photograph. You'll still need to point your camera at something interesting, and think about how your image is composed, but AI will help you to take care of the rest.

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