Leading creativity and change:
Thinking differently

Too often organizations get caught up in the past, living on prior successes, and unable to execute new strategies and new approaches due to cultural baggage that is long past being helpful.

Every one of us gets stuck in patterns. We find ways of working that bring us results and so we then repeat them over and over, making them part of our personal toolkit. Until something changes.

During times of change, the old ways of doing things may no longer serve you. Old ways of thinking may no longer serve you. In fact, they may be holding you back.

In this simple, engaging and interactive workshop Steve Brown helps people to identify pre-existing paradigms, unwritten rules, and methods that have outlasted their usefulness. He arms leaders with three simple steps that will help them and their organizations to embrace new approaches to problem solving, to build a pipeline for new ideas and approaches into their workflow, and to inspire others to think in fresh and different ways.

If your company culture feels a little stale, in need of rejuvenation, and you're looking to boost creativity and innovation in your organization, Steve can help.

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