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Steve was a terrific presenter for our Annual Summit, with nearly 3,000 attendees. His keynote was dynamic, insightful, and he was able to utilize his expertise to draw meaningful and relevant connections to our core messaging and a very specific audience.
— Dirk van Slyke, Marketing and Communications Director, Open Compute Project

Steve speaks on a wide range of topics designed to help organizations understand and navigate the future. He offers a broad range of future-focused presentations, including both standard and full custom talks.

Sample talks include:

  • Preparing for a post-mobile world
  • Hacking Reality: Using exponential technologies to shape our world
  • Retail 2022: Reimagining the shopper journey
  • Diversity 2025: Working alongside non-humans
  • The future and philosophy of the Internet of Things
  • Hospitality 2025: Reshaping the traveler journey
  • The revolution continues: The future of media
  • Transport 2030: A revolution in human mobility
  • Yum!: The future of food and farming
  • Flipping the model: The future of healthcare
  • Futurecasting: How to design the future
  • Making money in the era of smart objects

Outlines for many of these talks is provided in this downloadable PDF document.

Alternatively, please contact Steve directly to learn more about any talk title that piques your interest.

Steve also provides futurecasting workshopsconsulting and leadership coaching services as a compliment to his speaking services.


POPULAR keynote presentations

Steve constantly maintains a "standard" set of talks he loves to deliver on a broad range of future-related topics, including the future of transportation, the future of media, the future of retail, and the future of computing.

The future of computing session is very popular with clients as it combines examples of innovation from a broad range of industries. This enables audiences from any sector to learn how technology is changing in other industries, thus seeding inspiration for innovations of their own and enabling them to steal ideas with pride.

Whether you're experiencing a "standard" presentation or a fully bespoke keynote, Steve always tailors his remarks to maximize relevance for each individual audience to help them extract the most possible value.

Bespoke keynote Presentations

For clients needing something more focused, or specialized, Steve will also create fully-customized content to meet your needs. Just contact Steve and let him know what you're looking for, and he'll let you know if he can do it.


Sample talks

Here are a few sample keynote topics that Steve is regularly invited to talk about:


As a former futurist for Intel Corporation, Steve Brown understands the profound impact that computing will have on the world in the coming decades. Drawing upon his 25-year experience in business, marketing, engineering, manufacturing and communications, he weaves together a potent mix of insights to deliver thought-provoking narratives on the future.

Rather than trying to predict the future (always a fool's game), Steve explores what technology will make possible and then invites his audience to think differently about how they might design, build and sell products or services as a result. He uses examples from a wide range of industries to help audiences understand the exciting range of wonders we can expect in the coming 10-15 years: Personalized medicine, robotics, self-driving cars, and smart stores. Whether discussing artificial intelligence, big data, or smart objects, Steve makes his stories understandable and accessible to every audience.

Leaders is every sector need to understand the continued disruptive power of computing and how it will provide both challenges and opportunity in the coming decade. To download a printable flier on this talk, please click the button below. To contact Steve about this talk, click here.

The future of transportation

Modern transportation is about to enter a level of disruption not seen since the invention of the steam engine. Self-driving cars, continued urbanization, cheap computing, and the collapse of the ownership economy will change the transportation landscape forever. Existing businesses will be disrupted. Titans will fall and new entrants will emerge.

Computing has transformed the modern world. It has brought us the Internet, smartphones, and in-car navigation. Cars are now imagined, designed, and tested inside the minds of computers. But the true impact of computing on transportation (and other sectors) is yet to come. Robots will graduate from building our cars to being our cars. Transportation will become a service. Parking lots, traffic signals, gas stations, car insurance, and even driving may become things of the past. Efficient networks will make next-hour delivery the norm.

The exponential evolution of computing will fuel a total rethinking of human mobility, change the way we interact with transportation, and give access to millions of people who are currently too old, too young, or otherwise unable to use today’s transportation networks. 

In this talk Steve explains how computing will disrupt the entire transportation sector including discussions on: Autonomous Vehicles, the impact of the access economy, solving the last mile problem, holistic transportation networks, the role of drones, new funding & business models, "person as a package",, the impact of next-hour delivery, and reimagining our cities.

Leaders is the transportation sector, government, and city planning all need to understand the continued disruptive power of computing and how it will alter the way transportation products and services will be created, deployed and used in the coming decades. To download a printable flier on this talk, please click the button below. To contact Steve about this talk, click here.

Making money in the era of smart objects, smart infrastructure and smart systems

Products are being commoditized and consumers are looking for something beyond buying ‘stuff’. The action (and the high margin) is now in selling services, experiences, and transformations.

Western shoppers, led by Millennials, are finding more efficient ways to consume; Lending, sharing, and renting are all on the rise. In some categories, the end of ownership is nigh: Car as a service, wardrobe as a service, home cooking as a service. What’s next?

Innovative companies are building annuity revenue streams by products as services. Abundant, cheap computing power made possible by the latter years of Moore’s Law will turn dumb things into smart things. These smart objects are perfectly suited as the hub of new service businesses. Smart, connected products will become portals into a consumer’s life through which manufacturers can sell a range of new, customized, and personalized services.

When the cost difference between creating smart objects and dumb objects becomes marginal, and smart objects deliver significantly more value, why will consumers ever want to buy a dumb object again?

In this fast moving session you’ll learn how exponential advances in computing technology, 5G wireless, new sensing technology, the Internet of things, and wearable devices will come together with rapidly evolving consumer demands for immediacy, efficiency, and customization to create the perfect storm of innovation.

Using examples from the transportation, healthcare, entertainment, and retail sectors Steve will explain how new value, new business models, and even new industries are on the verge of being created in almost every sector. Find out how your company can take best advantage of this startling new smart landscape.

To download a printable flier on this talk, please click the button below. To contact Steve about this talk, click here.

how the internet of things will change your business

When it comes to the impact of computing, you ain't seen nothing yet. The PC has dramatically changed the way businesses operate and the way people live their lives. But that impact will be dwarfed by the deployment of new technology known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The combination of IoT and cloud computing will create new businesses, new business models, and disrupt entire industries. Among other things, IoT will be used to boost business efficiency, reduce traffic congestion, improve human health, reduce energy use, and make our lives safer, more comfortable, and more productive.

Organizations will need to keep up with constantly evolving customer expectations. New value will be created. Points of competition will shift rapidly. Opportunity will abound for informed leaders. The uninformed will slip behind, or go under.

Every leader needs to understand how IoT will affect their industry and the future of their business. And if they haven't already done so, they need to formulate an IoT strategy right now. In his IoT keynote, Steve Brown offers leaders ideas and strategic frameworks to help them get started.