Rallying the troops:
Business storytelling

Storytelling might be one of the most powerful leadership skills you can develop.

In a cutthroat competitive market, making your messages and ideas memorable is key to success. Storytelling makes your messages sticky, makes your ideas viral, and enables you to drive action with your audiences. Storytelling is a vital influencing skill.

With over a quarter century of experience communicating with audiences of all levels (CEOs to school kids and everything in between), and with five years of experience as a leadership communications coach, Steve Brown loves to help leaders hone their communications skills and help them connect with audiences. Whether you are a nervous presenter or already a confident impresario, Steve Brown can help you increase your impact and improve your storytelling skills.

Storytelling is a key influencing skill for the modern businessperson. In this class, Steve Brown teaches his audiences how storytelling works in the human brain, how to structure a story, how to tell a great story, and how to make your messages memorable so they drive your audience to take action.

This three hour interactive workshop is high-energy, fast-paced, and teaches business leaders the powerful tool of storytelling. No matter what your existing storytelling proficiency (and innately we are all born as storytellers) this workshop will help you improve your storytelling skills. As leaders, nothing is more important than being able to lead people. And history has shown that people consistently follow the best storytellers.

Workshop attendees will learn:

  • How and why storytelling works
  • How good storytelling affects memory
  • How stories can be used to gain emotional buy-in
  • How to construct a story
  • How to engage the five senses through storytelling
  • How to construct and tell stories that others will remember and repeat
  • How to keep audiences engaged using strategic storytelling
  • Storytelling tricks and tips
  • How to build an overall narrative to make your communications more interesting and memorable
  • When and where to use stories strategically within your communications

For more information, please contact Steve and find out about our customized storytelling training workshops.

Also available is a workshop entitled "Presenting on the future."